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StrikeFit: 60 Minutes

Strikefit is an exhilarating blend of Krav Maga and Kickboxing that is going to give you the body and skills of a fighter. It is an exclusive, all-around workout that includes heavy bag and pad work combined with everything from kettle bells to medicine balls, plyometrics to wind sprints. 

Our Certified StrikeFit Instructors will teach you how to put strike combinations together properly, but the focus is on fun and fitness. You will leave this class drenched in sweat but wanting more!

Mixed Bag: 60 Minutes

Round Rock Krav Maga & Kickboxing

Mixed Bag are calorie burning, pounds shedding, ass kicking classes that utilize a variety of different bags and partner work to intensify resistance training and provide a full-body workout. The classes combine the latest sports conditioning techniques, cardio, fitness drills, jump ropes, and boxing drills to improve overall stamina and provide slimming and toning results. Throughout the class, you are encouraged by fellow students and an instructor who, not only trains you in proper form, but also pushes you to exceed your limits and achieve physical goals you never thought possible. If you want to experience the most effective workout around and utilize every muscle group to achieve your fitness goals, with combinations and techniques constantly evolving so you are never bored, give this class a try.

Big Bag: 60 Minutes

Round Rock Krav Maga & Kickboxing

Big Bag classes are intended for everybody type and skill level and are a continuous challenge to push your endurance and master new, muscle-toning drills. It utilizes 6 ft tall, standing boxing bags and is largely independent training led by an instructor that teaches the drills and encourages the students to push themselves to new levels with each bag combination. The class utilizes non-stop sports conditioning techniques and the latest resistance exercises to provide a full-body workout to strengthen, tone, and drastically burn fat at a rate of 1,000 calories per hour. Students utilize the bag in a multitude of punch and kick combinations to optimize their performance training and receive a kick-ass workout.

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